Midwood Condo at Hillview Rise By Hong Leong Holdings Close to Hillview MRT Station

The Midwood Condo at Hillview Rise by Hong Leong

Another development done by the Midwood is situated at Hillview Rise by Hong Leong Holdings. The Hillview MRT Station near the calm neighborhood of Hillview is where the project is located. The group received an award under the Concept, and Price tender delicate, which assesses engineers’ different recommendations and is granted dependent on cost and various factors, such as improving the area’s social conveniences. Moreover, the area has numerous greeneries accessible to have a peaceful and tranquil way of life. A remarkable living encounter anticipates you at The Midwood at Hillview Rise.

The Midwood Hong Leong 

There are various amenities at the Midwood Hillview MRT Station which include a watchman house, clubhouse, workroom, indoor exercise centre, tennis court, 50m pool, sun deck, BBQ pits and kids’ jungle gym. Residents over here can enjoy a peaceful standard of living.

The Midwood Hong Leong Group is situated on a great real estate location. Hillview does not have nay ongoing venture as there is an absence of private land accessible for redevelopment around the zone. Their last task was Hillview Peak, and the improvement has since been entirely sold.

The Midwood Hillview Rise 

There are many retail plazas around the Midwood Condo. For instance, the well known hillV2 retail outlet, The Rail Mall and Hillion Mall. The Hillview and Bukit Batok Nature Reserve are also close by and many families can spend time here. Please see Midwood Condo details here.

The Hillview MRT Station on the Downtown Line will take residents directly to the city. The Hillview Rise, Hillview Avenue and Dairy Farm Road can also be used for public transport. The Midwood Condo is found right close to Upper Bukit Timah Road for owners who are venturing out to the city.

There are many first-class schools close by, for example, CHIJ (Our Lady Queen of Peace), Saint Francis Methodist School and German European School Singapore (GESS).

Midwood Site Plan

There is a wide range of conveniences at the Midwood Condo Site Plan. There is a full-size pool for families with kids and swimming classes can be directed at the comfort of their own home.

A spacious function room is available which is fundamental for families with kids. Families can conduct birthday parties and welcome their companions and family members to the room where food catering will be available. There is BBQ pits, an air-conditioned exercise centre and kids’ playground also present at the Midtown Hong Leong site.

Midwood Floor Plans

The accessibility to the Midwood Floor Plans will be available soon. There will various designs present to oblige diverse purchaser profiles. For the purchasers searching for a little improvement, they can see the 1 Bedroom format. A unit at Midwood that is situated close to an MRT Station and mall may be ideal for property investors.

There is a 3 Bedroom unit incorporated in the Midwood Floor Plans that is ideal for families. The floor plans have been designed by the Hong Leong Group to accommodate more spacious living rooms. A 4 Bedroom format is also available. The floors are planned so that each unit has a North-South direction.

Midwood Showflat

There is a wide range of show flats for the purchasers at the Midwood Showflat. A portion of the show flat formats will highlight full renovation and interior designs. Moreover, furniture will be accompanied in the Midwood Showflat units. The couches and footstools are set so when the purchasers enter the unit they can get an idea about it. Each unit will also have flooring, kitchen cupboards, room closets along with some electrical appliances, for example, oven. It will also have wallpapers and lightings that don’t accompany the actual unit, for instance, chandeliers.

Hong Leong Group Developer for The Midwood Hillview Rise 

Hong Leong Group is a global organisation situated in Singapore, and it serves in the Middle East and North America. The group has assets worth more than $40 billion and is one of the leading real estate property developers in Singapore. As a partnership, the organisation owns industrial space, retail, and private space. Coming up next are the investment activities in which they engage in. Their most recent task is The Midwood Condo at Hillview Rise close to Hillview MRT Station.

Hong Leong Group Real Estate Developer in Singapore 

Even before the public authority started its land programs, the group recognized this business opportunity in mid-1960. They purchased shares from City Developments Limited which was then a loss-making organisation. Later when the company was changed it turned into a monster property, particularly in the stock trade market. Hong Leong Groups at present possesses more than 8million square feet on which offices are being built.

Hotel Developer in Singapore Hong Leong Group 

The group is the principal proprietor of Singapore’s most prominent hotels. From its modest start during the turn of events and activity of the Kings Hotel in Singapore, it has become very successful. The organisation currently owns more than 150 hotels adding up to 36000 rooms in over 20 countries globally.

This is a group which has made a tremendous monetary leap. In the beginning, it would be depicted as a little and medium undertaking when the group was beginning. Singapore’s most prominent monetary organisation is the Hong Leong Group. Potential clients can acquire advances from the 28 networked finance branches and can put aside instalments and reserve funds. The group also offers boosts to different organisations. This group was among the members during the internationalisation finance scheme project. The subject was to assist little and medium enterprises with growing their organisations abroad.

Hong Leong Group in Different Countries 

Among the various nations, the Hong Leong Group has many branches working under them. The Hong Leong Asia Ltd is one of them which started as a provider for building materials. After some time, it has investigated more business sectors, however, in the beginning it was only in China. The company is associated with more organisations separated from building materials. …

Launching Date for The Reef at Kings Dock To Be Confirmed Soon

There is a new development launching an District 04 in the core city centre and a new development is buying the developers Keppel Group and Mapletree Trust. Together they have submitted top be for the plot of land which is located near to Vivocity MRT Station as well as Telok Blangah Road making it one of the most highly convenient new development that is sought after by investors who is looking for a new place to stay that has a and track record. The Reef at King’s Dock is located at the mouth of Sentosa and is a cosmopolitan place to stay in given that the location is near to Vivocity Shopping Centre as well as other minor shopping centres such as harbourfront Centre as well as many of the food selection is located along Telok Blangah Road and next to Sentosa.

The Reef at King’s Dock is located near to many of the new amenities near to Resort World Sentosa and is home to many of the new amenities that are not available in other condos. The Reef at King’s Dock is located at B which is located at District 04 and there are many shopping centres and the reason wishes a short drive away making it convenient location to stay at it is ideal for family homestay. Recently be harbourfront has undergo a lot of changes due to the Greater Southern Waterfront and is one of the areas where there are a lot of potential for capital gain as well as to let your family to happen luxuries view of staying near to Sentosa. The key selling by of these development is its convenience and the neighbourhood is highly convenient and sought after and there are other luxuries developments making Harbourfront Avenue a highly desirable location for the affluent and the elite. The location also represents a wonderful opportunity for investors to get there will place at a short the amount of time given that it is located near to the traditional work place of Raffles Place, Marina Bay financial district as well as downtown city core. It is also located near to shopping districts such as Orchard as well as Somerset. The launching date of the development will be available soon and the showflat will be soon open to the public.

The Reef at King’s Dock is new development presents a lot of amenities there are highly sought after by investors and homestayers. The reason is because they are many shopping centres such as Vivocity shopping centre as well as Vivocity MRT Station which is just a short walk away from the developments location will be investors so far. Reflections @ Keppel Bay is a signature development that and join is panoramic unblock views of the Sentosa be. The Reef at King’s Dock is a better location than Reflections @ Keppel Bay as he has a short walk to Vivocity MRT Station and Vivocity Shopping Centre. For buyers of The Reef Condo who are taking their own transport, The Reef at King’s Dock location is also very popular as it is near to Central Expressway as well as Ayer Rajah Expressway. This means that travelling to other parts of Singapore including Jurong is as well as woodlands are very convenient with all the amenities and your doorstep stop of course of transportation options, some buyers was to be the debate public transport and The Reef at King’s Dock location is near to Telok Blangah Road and Vivocity MRT Station and there are various buses and MRT routes that take you to other parts of Singapore easily and quickly.

When choosing a condo, the location of the development is also very important and you must be near to schools that are highly sought after by parents. The located near to schools in that there is less of time needed to transport the children to the schools and parents who have more time for their work. The Reef at King’s Dock location is also highly sought after given that it is located near to many schools which are sought after by parents. Some of the schools they are located near to the location of The Reef at King’s Dock condo include Blangah Rise Primary School and Radin Mas Primary School. This to schools are highly sought after and the reason is because they have produced students with good academic results and are able to proceed to other good secondary schools around the area.

One of the key considerations when it comes to choosing a new development is that you must be near to shopping centres. Being a the shopping centres will mean that there will be a lot of convenience for the residents. Most residents will no one to take public transport to get your daily necessities because it waste precious time and resources just to get your daily necessities every day. A little at the location map shows that The Reef at King’s Dock is located near to Vivocity MRT Station and Vivocity Shopping Centre. Vivocity Shopping Centre is Singapore’s largest shopping more that consists of 3 stories of retail and gourmet restaurants to cater to a huge population in Singapore. There are many signature restaurants that are located on Vivocity Shopping Centre which HaDiLao Restaurant as well as Marche. This tool restaurants are highly popular among the young and trendy and therefore Vivocity Shopping Centre has a younger crop compared to other shopping centre nearby. The other shopping centre nearby is harbourfront Centre and it is a popular shopping more on the office crop. This is because they are also many restaurants located in harbourfront shopping centre and the harbourfront shopping centre also feature a large dining area and foodcourt to cater to office workers who are looking for a cheaper alternative for there are lunch compared to restaurants located around the area.

One of the key considerations when searching for a new development is that there must be other amenities are located nearby other than public …

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

If you do not have a lot of space in your property, then it can feel frustrating. However, making a few changes to your decor can make your home feel much more spacious. If you want to create more space without moving house, then you may find the following tips useful.

Most people are aware that having mirrors in a room can make it look bigger. However, this does not mean that you do not have to think about where you hang them. You need to consider what will be reflected in the mirror and to make sure that this is a space which is quite open. A good tip is place a mirror opposite the window so you have the reflection of the outdoors in the room.

You will want to avoid any heavy window coverings such as curtains when you have a small room. The space on your wall can be interrupted by curtains and this is something you want to avoid with a small room. Shutters or venetian blinds may be a better choice, and the color of these should match your walls so that they do not break up the space. If you do not have to worry about privacy, then you may even want to consider leaving the windows bare.

Traditional lighting can often be found in the center of the room, but this does not necessarily work in a smaller room. It concentrates all the light in one space which can make the room seem more enclosed. You may also find that the lamp shade or chandelier can seem quite overbearing in a small room. Instead you may want to think about having several recessed lights so that the whole of the room receives some light.

If you have anything hanging on your wall, then these should be hung nearer to the ceiling than to the floor. This will draw the eyes upward which will make it seem as if the ceilings are higher. If things are lower to the ground, then it can make the room seem quite cluttered.

If you use softer colors, then this will make the room look bigger. You will also need to make sure that the colors you use are co-ordinated. You do not want anything running around the room that will break up the space such as dado rails. If you have skirting boards, then these should be painted the same color as the walls.

You should also try to avoid the use of prints in the decor of your room. Solid colors are a better choice but you need to make sure that they match your walls. You can use cushions and rugs in the room, but these should really be kept to a minimum. If you want to add some color to the room without making it look too full, then you may want to consider adding a few plants.

White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris

White Sands consists of 6 levels of lifestyle activation and banquet options. Shoppers can pamper themselves with a variety of food deals, outdoor supplies, books, excellent products, and more to end their vacations and daily needs. It was made by OCBC Pte Ltd and was the main shopping center that will open in Pasir Ris in mid-1997. Like the typical suburban center of the time, it had , famous bookstore, neighborhood post office, and more than 60 retail stores. In 1999, due to reduced support, the game rooms were closed and replaced by the Public Library. The ARMF shopping center was introduced in 2004.

White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris

The mall did not undergo significant renovations until 2007 when more stores were opened, and the exterior was repainted in blue. Some small shops replaced John Little, the dining room was moved to the third floor, and the courts initially occupied the place. The library was held on the fourth floor, as it serves the residents of the neighborhood. The entire parking lot in basement 1 became commercial spaces, and travelers were offered to associate it with basement car parks 2 and 3.

Public Library at White Sands Shopping Mall

The mall witnessed another round of renovations in 2014 and reopened in May 2016, with another static mix, another interior shape, and an improved blue crust. The library has been renovated, the district post office has moved to level 5, and the library has moved to level 4. Currently, the main tenants are NTUC FairPrice, McDonald’s, and Koufu Food Court. In 2017, the center saw two elevator rings. The first occurred in January when part of the elevator collapsed after a couple ventured with a child in Stoller to leave the elevator. The second occurred in August when a four-year-old girl was injured when her foot collided with the media.

White Sands Shopping Mall for Weekend Shopping

In 2018, White Sands acquired one of the country’s six shopping centers to honor the premiums of the UnionPay QR code, a step towards Singapore’s aim of being a non-monetary community.
Located in the entertainment district along the east coast of Singapore, White Sands is a popular shopping destination among producers and weekend buyers. It is the decision-making center for a large number of residents in the East, where the occupants of Tampines and Pasir Ris offer the convenience of a single shopping center in an optimistic retail situation, focusing on the currently healthy and dynamic lifestyle.
In addition to being a common and popular shopping destination for the community, the White Sands Shopping Centre is also a popular stop for national soldiers as a crutial aspect of their adventures and the return of Pulau.


Parc Canberra EC at Canberra MRT Station

Parc Canberra EC is a project developed by Hoi Hup Realty at Canberra Link. Hoi Hup has established itself in property development niche. Its portfolio consists of mixed commercial developments, cluster-strata housing, executive condominiums as well as landed housing. To date, the company has efficiently delivered 7,300 quality homes. The condo sits on prime land, which represents a timely investment for Hoi Hup Realty.

Parc Canberra EC at Canberra MRT Station

Parc Canberra is near the yet to be completed Canberra MRT Station. Canberra MRT Station will be opened in November 2019. The station is going to bring massive development within Canberra Plaza and the Canberra region as a whole. For example, it will have a crossover track to minimize service disruptions. It will also promote accessibility of social amenities as well as open up Canberra Link to nearby areas. Therefore, Parc Canberra residents will benefit from the completion of Canberra MRT Station. The EC has numerous facilities, including clubhouse, 50m swimming pool, children’s playground, BBQ Pits, tennis court, indoor gym, function room and guardhouse.

Parc Canberra EC Located at Sembawang by Hoi Hup

For residents taking buses, there are several buses available along Canberra and Sembawang roads. The EC is also next to Central Expressway (CTE)-for people traveling to the city. Parc Canberra is also near many shopping centers such as Canberra Plaza, Sun Plaza and Sembawang Shopping Centre. The development is also near Sembawang Park, which offers plenty of outdoor activities. Therefore, residents can spend some quality time with their families at Sembawang Park. The EC is also near elite schools such as Northland Secondary School, Chongful School and Sembawang Primary School.

Parc Canberra EC Located near to Schools and Showflat

The condo’s showflat will have different layouts to cater to different buyer needs as well as investment horizons. The showflat will include furnishings in the living room and bedroom. Other furnishings will consist of kitchen cabinets, washroom furnishings and bedroom wardrobes. Little renovation is required since the project is almost complete.

Some exceptions that haven’t received furnishings include chandeliers and lightings. Moreover, the dining and coffee tables, as well as sofas, are for illustration purposes to help the buyer visualize the actual space available. Therefore, they won’t be available when the actual units are completed.

Parc Canberra has the potential to appreciate when it reaches the set 10 Years Minimum Occupation Period. After reaching the minimum occupation period, it will become fully privatized, which will allow investors to buy a unit(s) in the Hoi Hup Realty’s development. Therefore, a 3-bedroom floor plan at Parc Canberra is a potential for excellent property investment. A tranquil lifestyle awaits you at Parc Canberra EC.

One Pearl Bank Landmark at City Centre

This is a former well-known landmark. It has the shape of a horse-shoe and is located at city center. Capitaland managed to purchase One Pearl Bank apartments in a well conducted agreement. The apartments provide an opportunity for individuals to possess a great deal of real estate located at a mature and serene environment. This property offers you a luxurious and unique living space worth every penny!

One Pearl Bank Landmark at City Centre

One Pearl Bank City Centre includes two curved towers that look like a horse-shoe with about 38 storeys. This is to keep the architectural design of the former One Pearl Bank apartments. . The developers look forward to finishing the project in 2023. It will be standing tall about 178m. In fact, it is going to be taller than the nearby pinnacle @ the Duxton which is about 156m. With almost 39 storeys, one pearl will consist of almost 774 residential units.
The development has unique and great facilities such as:
• Clubhouse
• Indoor gym
• Guardhouse
• Function room
• BBQ pits
• 50m swimming pool
• Sun deck
• Tennis court
• Children’s playground

One Pearl Bank Facilities and Lifestyle

All the facilities at the condos are well designed to ensure that you and your family are entertained at all times. A tranquil and luxurious lifestyle is what everyone deserves. Be on the lookout for pricing so that you do not miss an opportunity of owning a unit.

One Pearl Bank Site Plan

The development is slated to have great connectivity to transport systems. A great example is the Outram MRT station which actually serves three lines. There may be individuals who would like to travel to the city using a bus and can easily get at New Bridge Road among other roads around.
One Pearl Bank directly faces the well known luxurious Outram Park mature estate.

Floor Plans and Layout

The property offers 1, 2, and three bedroom units. The units face either Pearl Bank Road or the famous Pearl’s Hill city. The grand development will have about 774 units including penthouses, studios all with different but reasonable sizes. The property will also have gardens in every tower. These will be arranged vertically on each tower’s edge. This will, in turn, give the residents an opportunity to practice farming and growing vegetables, herbs and even fruits.

One Pearl Bank Developer

The development is being developed by Capitaland real estate developer. It is a well recognized real estate company in Asia and
has its headquarters in Singapore. It has been in the business since the year 2000 and has so far managed to get to the top of the industry. Whether residential or commercial, Capitaland is the best in terms of real estate development.

The Clematis Condo Near to Recreational Facilities and Educational Institutions by SingHaiYi

The Clematis Condo is a real estate located in the heart of Clementi Mature Estate in district five, Singapore. This freehold development was formerly known as the Park West Enbloc that was developed and managed by the SingHaiYi Group. This development is ideal for residence since it has a plenty of amenities to offer to its new owners which makes Clematis Condo unique in the city.

The Clematis Condo with Modern Recreational Facilities

Modern recreational facilities. The designers of the Clematis Condo SingHaiYi, developed it in a way that it offers many recreational facilities to its users. The estate is accessible to sports hall for playing table tennis and badminton which are situated near the MTR station, the swimming pool for its users. For the outdoor lovers can enjoy the scenery of the Clementi woods park and west coast park found in the off skirts of the city but can be accessed using the city buses.

The Clematis Condo offers reliable security. This estate has a developed top security which is guaranteed to its clients. Among the most important one is the surveillance camera system, high technological door locks system and electrical fence. All this maintain a twenty four hour security.

The Clematis Located Near to Clementi Mall and Clementi Shopping Centre

Accessibility of the Clematis Condo. This development is strategically designed in a way that it surrounded by prominent shopping centres found in its vicinity. For instance the Clementi mall and Clementi shopping centre where the clients can do their family shopping.

Transportation. This condominium is accessible to all transport systems which are well organized. The estate is connected to a network of roads like the toll road which are full of public transport means. There is also the Clementi station for loading and offloading of your properties. All these make transportation within the city easy.

Educational Institutions Near to The Clematis

Another reason why to reside in the Clematis Condo is the existence of educational institutions. Most people when searching for condominium to reside in usually prefer those Condos that are accessible to educational centres. This is because the nearness to the schools will reduce the expenses incurred when transporting their children to and from school and also saves time which to do other activities rather than spending it on the way. The SingHaiYi group designed this condo in an area near to many established education centres like Bukit Timah among others.

The Clematis Condo is an awesome place to live in as it offers a wonderful experience to its clients, since it meets the standards of a good condominium. Once you get a room in this estate, be sure your interests will be catered for.

Petit Jervois Condo Near to River Valley Road Singapore

Petit Jervois is a new development under SC Global. It is located in the center of Jervois Road in the location that was formerly known as Jervois Garden Enbloc and was recently bought by SC Global.

The Petit Jervois Condos have all the facilities one could ask for and more. It being located right in the heart of the entire hustle bustle becomes the chief selling point. And on top of that, SC Global provides you with top notch facilities such as a clubhouse, an indoor gym, tennis court, a guard house, function room, sun deck, 50 m swimming pool, barbeque pits and playground for children.

Location of Petit Jervois Condo River Valley Road

The location of the condo is ideal with all the shopping centers around in the River Valley. Petit Jervois Condo is situated close to the Singapore Botanical Garden and the Fort Canning Park to spend you free times with your families. Another important factor is being close to restaurants and hawkers and other food vendors. SC Global’s Pertit Jervois Condo fulfils all the requirements and more. There is no need for public transport or to travel far just to grab a quick lunch since everything is pretty much in the vicinity.

Petit Jervois SC Global Properties in Singapore

SC Global was established in the year 2000 in Singapore and has expanded since. SC Global has properties and developments all over Singapore and is expanding in other countries as well such as their real estate development project in Japan. They specialize in luxury condos and provide luxuries and comfort to their clientele. They have ventured into Australia and hold an interest of about 42{a49dd42c0bad9518ddfece0af171e4350d4f4a5b6b490acc54823f89a750c1bb} in Australia’s leading land and property developers.

Petit Jervois Condo is locate near parks and has greenery all around. Thus you can have fresh air right in the city. Its location near the parks adds to another advantage as the families can have picnics or the people can take a stroll to relieve them of the stress and enjoy the nature and fresh air. It also adds to the view from out of your windows.

Petit Jervois Near to Elite Schools

Petit at Jervois is located a number of elite schools as well so that the children would not have to waste time in traveling to and from the school. There are many schools nearby such as Crescent Girl’s School, Alexandra Primary School, Gan Eng Seng Secondary School, Alexandra Primary School, Queenstown Primary School, River Valley Primary School and many more. This saves the time of the parents as well as they do not have to take their kids far off to schools but close to where they live.

Petit at Jervois will be available for viewing soon where the potential buyers can see the miniature model of what would be the entire development. They can see the layout and decide on the 2 or 3 bedrooms and furniture placement according to their requirements.

The Addition Condo Close to Potong Pasir MRT Station

It’s newly developed freehold condo that is located in Potong Pasir. This development is located just next to Potong Pasir’s railway station. There are numerous shopping centers, eateries and many other amenities located nearby. The residence has unique facilities that will make lifestyle extremely tranquil. Among them include; modern swimming pool, gyms, playground, and sundeck just naming a few. The residence offers your family and your loved ones an exceptional entertainment.

Shopping Centres Around The Addition Condo

Shopping centers around your living place are among the top factors you should consider when settling. The Addition Condo is surrounded by mega shopping centers where residents will be doing their daily shopping’s. These shopping centers are located in strategic areas with only a few minutes walk.

Among the shopping, arcades include; famous poiz and The Venue shopping centers. Residence will not be traveling far to buy groceries, meals and other household items. Everything they will need can be found in these shopping malls.

The Addition Freehold Condo Potong Pasir MRT Station

This freehold residence is also located just next to Bidadari Park. At his place, there are numerous outdoor activities that residents can have ample time to enjoy together with their family and loved ones. Never will they be bored since the area has everything to engage everyone.

Accessing the addition is very easy. There are various buses available and railway and many other express roads that link the freehold condo with other parts of Singapore. So you should not panic about the accessibility of the region.

Learning Institutions Located Next To The Addition

Living next to education centers is a great thing you can do to your children. The addition is located near elite schools. These schools are a few minutes from the residence. Thus, learners will be spending less time traveling to schools and invest other time in education and having rest after school classes. This will improve learner’s productivity.

Among the top elite schools where your children will receive a quality education to transform them to use people in the community include Cedar primary schools specifically girl’s school and the Saints Andrew College.

These are among the top-ranked schools countrywide. Children will receive a quality education with modern curriculum to make them useful people in the future.
Why hesitate to book a unit at The addition? There is a beautiful lifestyle you’re missing. Join the forces and you’ll enjoy all these quality features found in this residence and numerous amenities surrounding the region. It’s a nice place to live with your family.

Arena Residences Guillemard Lane Roxy

Arena residences presents an opportunity of a lifetime for the first home buyer, owner-occupier or astute investor within Singapore’s vibrant district 14. Developer, Roxy Pacific Holdings, currently owns a subset of Guillemard Lane, and are set to purchase other assets in the immediate area. Set in a prime location a short distance to many schools, shops and parks, as well as the CBD, this freehold development project will have something to suit all budgets and wish lists.

Arena Residences Geylang Roxy Pacific Holdings Singapore

Arena Residences freehold condo comprises of many facilities which promote a healthy and exciting lifestyle, no matter if you are single, partnered or have a family, there is something to cater for all stages of life. Facilities include a clubhouse, games/multi-purpose room, gym, tennis court, Olympic size swimming pool, BBQ area, playground and a sun deck where you can soak up the Singapore rays.
Strategically located on the cusp of suburbia and the CBD, Arena Residences can be serviced by the Mountbatten MRT (Metro) station which will take you on the circle line, or multiple bus services which frequently route the Guillemard and Mountbatten Roads in to the city. Furthermore, for residents who choose to commute to the central business district, there is the recently finished Kallang-PayaLebar Expressway.

Arena Residences at Guillemard Lane

If you are one who enjoys entertaining, or being entertained, this area is an up and coming family orientated entertainment hub. Aside from elite schools and universities surrounding the complex, Arena Residences has been built for the future in that the area’s current purpose will shift from mass-business to family and entertainment. There are also many sporting facility’s outside of Arena such as the Singapore Sports Arena and Kallang Sports Complex.

Arena Residences Guillemard Road

When selecting the size of your new property, Arena makes it easy with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom options. Moreover, there are units facing Guillemard Lane or Guillemard Road, so the choice is made easy for you. If you are after unblocked views, it is recommended to aim for the 6th floor or above, as these floors will have unrestricted views.

Roxy Pacific Holdings has many high calibre projects globally, and can be trusted when the proposition of a resort lifestyle can come to your doorstep. Arena Residences are another luxury complex of units set to revitalise the immediate areaand bring entertainment and eateries to the forefront, on the peripheries of the CBD.Not to mention the family-orientated, fun and healthy lifestyle we all strive to live today.