Petit Jervois Condo Near to River Valley Road Singapore

Petit Jervois is a new development under SC Global. It is located in the center of Jervois Road in the location that was formerly known as Jervois Garden Enbloc and was recently bought by SC Global.

The Petit Jervois Condos have all the facilities one could ask for and more. It being located right in the heart of the entire hustle bustle becomes the chief selling point. And on top of that, SC Global provides you with top notch facilities such as a clubhouse, an indoor gym, tennis court, a guard house, function room, sun deck, 50 m swimming pool, barbeque pits and playground for children.

Location of Petit Jervois Condo River Valley Road

The location of the condo is ideal with all the shopping centers around in the River Valley. Petit Jervois Condo is situated close to the Singapore Botanical Garden and the Fort Canning Park to spend you free times with your families. Another important factor is being close to restaurants and hawkers and other food vendors. SC Global’s Pertit Jervois Condo fulfils all the requirements and more. There is no need for public transport or to travel far just to grab a quick lunch since everything is pretty much in the vicinity.

Petit Jervois SC Global Properties in Singapore

SC Global was established in the year 2000 in Singapore and has expanded since. SC Global has properties and developments all over Singapore and is expanding in other countries as well such as their real estate development project in Japan. They specialize in luxury condos and provide luxuries and comfort to their clientele. They have ventured into Australia and hold an interest of about 42{a49dd42c0bad9518ddfece0af171e4350d4f4a5b6b490acc54823f89a750c1bb} in Australia’s leading land and property developers.

Petit Jervois Condo is locate near parks and has greenery all around. Thus you can have fresh air right in the city. Its location near the parks adds to another advantage as the families can have picnics or the people can take a stroll to relieve them of the stress and enjoy the nature and fresh air. It also adds to the view from out of your windows.

Petit Jervois Near to Elite Schools

Petit at Jervois is located a number of elite schools as well so that the children would not have to waste time in traveling to and from the school. There are many schools nearby such as Crescent Girl’s School, Alexandra Primary School, Gan Eng Seng Secondary School, Alexandra Primary School, Queenstown Primary School, River Valley Primary School and many more. This saves the time of the parents as well as they do not have to take their kids far off to schools but close to where they live.

Petit at Jervois will be available for viewing soon where the potential buyers can see the miniature model of what would be the entire development. They can see the layout and decide on the 2 or 3 bedrooms and furniture placement according to their requirements.…

The Addition Condo Close to Potong Pasir MRT Station

It’s newly developed freehold condo that is located in Potong Pasir. This development is located just next to Potong Pasir’s railway station. There are numerous shopping centers, eateries and many other amenities located nearby. The residence has unique facilities that will make lifestyle extremely tranquil. Among them include; modern swimming pool, gyms, playground, and sundeck just naming a few. The residence offers your family and your loved ones an exceptional entertainment.

Shopping Centres Around The Addition Condo

Shopping centers around your living place are among the top factors you should consider when settling. The Addition Condo is surrounded by mega shopping centers where residents will be doing their daily shopping’s. These shopping centers are located in strategic areas with only a few minutes walk.

Among the shopping, arcades include; famous poiz and The Venue shopping centers. Residence will not be traveling far to buy groceries, meals and other household items. Everything they will need can be found in these shopping malls.

The Addition Freehold Condo Potong Pasir MRT Station

This freehold residence is also located just next to Bidadari Park. At his place, there are numerous outdoor activities that residents can have ample time to enjoy together with their family and loved ones. Never will they be bored since the area has everything to engage everyone.

Accessing the addition is very easy. There are various buses available and railway and many other express roads that link the freehold condo with other parts of Singapore. So you should not panic about the accessibility of the region.

Learning Institutions Located Next To The Addition

Living next to education centers is a great thing you can do to your children. The addition is located near elite schools. These schools are a few minutes from the residence. Thus, learners will be spending less time traveling to schools and invest other time in education and having rest after school classes. This will improve learner’s productivity.

Among the top elite schools where your children will receive a quality education to transform them to use people in the community include Cedar primary schools specifically girl’s school and the Saints Andrew College.

These are among the top-ranked schools countrywide. Children will receive a quality education with modern curriculum to make them useful people in the future.
Why hesitate to book a unit at The addition? There is a beautiful lifestyle you’re missing. Join the forces and you’ll enjoy all these quality features found in this residence and numerous amenities surrounding the region. It’s a nice place to live with your family.…