White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris

White Sands consists of 6 levels of lifestyle activation and banquet options. Shoppers can pamper themselves with a variety of food deals, outdoor supplies, books, excellent products, and more to end their vacations and daily needs. It was made by OCBC Pte Ltd and was the main shopping center that will open in Pasir Ris in mid-1997. Like the typical suburban center of the time, it had , famous bookstore, neighborhood post office, and more than 60 retail stores. In 1999, due to reduced support, the game rooms were closed and replaced by the Public Library. The ARMF shopping center was introduced in 2004.

White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris

The mall did not undergo significant renovations until 2007 when more stores were opened, and the exterior was repainted in blue. Some small shops replaced John Little, the dining room was moved to the third floor, and the courts initially occupied the place. The library was held on the fourth floor, as it serves the residents of the neighborhood. The entire parking lot in basement 1 became commercial spaces, and travelers were offered to associate it with basement car parks 2 and 3.

Public Library at White Sands Shopping Mall

The mall witnessed another round of renovations in 2014 and reopened in May 2016, with another static mix, another interior shape, and an improved blue crust. The library has been renovated, the district post office has moved to level 5, and the library has moved to level 4. Currently, the main tenants are NTUC FairPrice, McDonald’s, and Koufu Food Court. In 2017, the center saw two elevator rings. The first occurred in January when part of the elevator collapsed after a couple ventured with a child in Stoller to leave the elevator. The second occurred in August when a four-year-old girl was injured when her foot collided with the media.

White Sands Shopping Mall for Weekend Shopping

In 2018, White Sands acquired one of the country’s six shopping centers to honor the premiums of the UnionPay QR code, a step towards Singapore’s aim of being a non-monetary community.
Located in the entertainment district along the east coast of Singapore, White Sands is a popular shopping destination among producers and weekend buyers. It is the decision-making center for a large number of residents in the East, where the occupants of Tampines and Pasir Ris offer the convenience of a single shopping center in an optimistic retail situation, focusing on the currently healthy and dynamic lifestyle.
In addition to being a common and popular shopping destination for the community, the White Sands Shopping Centre is also a popular stop for national soldiers as a crutial aspect of their adventures and the return of Pulau.