Amidst Shock Closure of JCube, Local F&B Outlet Yung Yung Thrives with Signature Bubble Tea and Yaowarat-Style Buns

Amidst the shock closure of JCube, one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls, a local F&B outlet has managed to thrive and make its mark in the competitive food scene. Yung Yung, a bubble tea and bakery shop located in the bustling town of Jurong, has been serving up its signature bubble tea and Yaowarat-style buns since its opening in 2016.

Founded by a couple, Yung Yung provides a wide range of bubble tea flavours and freshly baked buns. Its signature bubble tea is made with fresh brewed tea, milk, and sugar and comes in a variety of flavours such as Taro, Matcha, and Lychee. The Yaowarat-style buns, on the other hand, are made with a combination of pork, Chinese mushroom and cabbage, with the option to add in extra toppings such as pork floss, salted egg yolk, and seaweed.

Yung JCube Condo Yung’s success can be attributed to its commitment to quality and customer service. The couple takes pride in providing customers with freshly brewed tea and buns, made with the finest ingredients. Customers can also expect friendly and attentive service from the couple, who take the time to talk to customers and offer recommendations.

Yung Yung has also been able to build up a loyal customer base over the years. Customers come back for its signature bubble tea and Yaowarat-style buns, and many have become close friends of the couple. The shop has also been featured in local publications and blogs, helping to spread the word about Yung Yung’s products and services.

The shop’s success is even more remarkable, given the closure of JCube. The mall, which was located just a few minutes away from Yung Yung, was a popular destination for shoppers, diners, and movie-goers. With its closure, many businesses in the area have been affected. Yung Yung, however, has managed to remain steady and attract customers with its commitment to quality and customer service.

In the face of the current economic climate, Yung Yung has continued to stay positive and look towards the future. The couple has recently launched an online store, making it easier for customers to purchase their signature bubble tea and Yaowarat-style buns. They also plan to expand their menu, introducing new flavours and items to their range.

Yung Yung is an inspiring example of a local business that has managed to thrive amid the challenges of the current economic climate. The couple’s commitment to quality and customer service has enabled them to build up a loyal customer base, and their resilience and determination in the face of adversity is commendable. With their recent launch of an online store and plans to expand their menu, Yung Yung is well-positioned to continue its success well into the future.

It was a shock to many when JCube, a popular shopping mall in Singapore, announced its sudden closure in April 2021 due to the pandemic. The mall was home to many retail, dining and entertainment outlets and its closure had a huge impact on its tenants. One of the hardest-hit tenants was Yung Yung, a local F&B outlet that had been operating in JCube for three years.

Despite the sudden closure of JCube, Yung Yung perseveres, continuing to operate from its new outlet at Liat Towers. The popular bubble tea shop is known for its signature bubble tea and Yaowarat-style buns, a popular snack in Thailand. The buns are filled with a variety of savoury fillings such as pork, beef, chicken and vegetables.

Yung Yung’s journey began when its two founders, Joseph and Zhi Liang, decided to take a leap of faith and open their own bubble tea shop. With no prior experience in the F&B industry, the two young entrepreneurs were determined to succeed.

To make sure that their bubble tea and buns were of the highest quality, the two founders decided to make use of the best ingredients and freshly brewed tea. They used premium tea leaves from Taiwan and Japan and high-grade sugar for their signature bubble tea. For the Yaowarat-style buns, they used only the freshest ingredients and made sure that the buns were cooked to perfection.

In order to stand out from other bubble tea shops in Singapore, Yung Yung also introduced unique flavours and unique toppings such as cheese foam and pudding. Their signature bubble tea flavours include Okinawa Brown Sugar Boba Milk, Matcha Boba Milk and Rose Milk Tea.

The outlet also prides itself on its friendly and helpful staff. All the staff are dedicated to providing excellent service to the customers and ensuring that they have a pleasant dining experience. The staff are always willing to help the customers with their queries and are more than happy to make recommendations.

Since its opening in 2018, Yung Yung has been a hit with the locals. It has become a popular destination for bubble tea lovers, who flock to its outlet to enjoy its unique bubble tea and buns. The shop has also gained a loyal following among the younger generation due to its tasty drinks and snacks.

Amidst the closure of JCube, Yung Yung has proven that it is possible to thrive despite the challenging times. The popular bubble tea shop continues to draw a large crowd to its outlet at Liat Towers, thanks to its delicious bubble tea and Yaowarat-style buns. With its friendly staff and delicious snacks, Yung Yung is well on its way to becoming a household name in Singapore.