The Clematis Condo Near to Recreational Facilities and Educational Institutions by SingHaiYi

The Clematis Condo is a real estate located in the heart of Clementi Mature Estate in district five, Singapore. This freehold development was formerly known as the Park West Enbloc that was developed and managed by the SingHaiYi Group. This development is ideal for residence since it has a plenty of amenities to offer to its new owners which makes Clematis Condo unique in the city.

The Clematis Condo with Modern Recreational Facilities

Modern recreational facilities. The designers of the Clematis Condo SingHaiYi, developed it in a way that it offers many recreational facilities to its users. The estate is accessible to sports hall for playing table tennis and badminton which are situated near the MTR station, the swimming pool for its users. For the outdoor lovers can enjoy the scenery of the Clementi woods park and west coast park found in the off skirts of the city but can be accessed using the city buses.

The Clematis Condo offers reliable security. This estate has a developed top security which is guaranteed to its clients. Among the most important one is the surveillance camera system, high technological door locks system and electrical fence. All this maintain a twenty four hour security.

The Clematis Located Near to Clementi Mall and Clementi Shopping Centre

Accessibility of the Clematis Condo. This development is strategically designed in a way that it surrounded by prominent shopping centres found in its vicinity. For instance the Clementi mall and Clementi shopping centre where the clients can do their family shopping.

Transportation. This condominium is accessible to all transport systems which are well organized. The estate is connected to a network of roads like the toll road which are full of public transport means. There is also the Clementi station for loading and offloading of your properties. All these make transportation within the city easy.

Educational Institutions Near to The Clematis

Another reason why to reside in the Clematis Condo is the existence of educational institutions. Most people when searching for condominium to reside in usually prefer those Condos that are accessible to educational centres. This is because the nearness to the schools will reduce the expenses incurred when transporting their children to and from school and also saves time which to do other activities rather than spending it on the way. The SingHaiYi group designed this condo in an area near to many established education centres like Bukit Timah among others.

The Clematis Condo is an awesome place to live in as it offers a wonderful experience to its clients, since it meets the standards of a good condominium. Once you get a room in this estate, be sure your interests will be catered for.

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